Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Picture Time!!!!

This time I just wanna to compile all the picture that I had learnt through out this DAPE course...

Let's enjoy!!!! heheheh

Before that !!!

Clearing agent for acari --> Nesbitt's fluid or Lactophenol.
Storage --> Koenike's fluid
Mounting --> Hoyer's medium


General characteristics:

  1. Stigmata behind the coxa leg 4.
  2. Have restrose hypostome.
  3. Haller's organ at leg coxa 1.


The hard tick. Male lacking of scutum while female have 2/3 of scutum at the dorsal part.

Ixodes have distinct anal groove and there are no festoons.


The soft thick. 

Scutum lack. Sutural line absent. 


Argas. Have sutural line. Lack of scutum, that's why it is group in soft tick.

Haemaphysalis. Have anal groove posterior to the anus. It is a hard tick. Present of festoons. The obvious part is the palpi is short.

Aponoma. Compare with Haemaphysalis, the palpi is ling and slender..The scutum is ornate. 

Aponoma. The female.

Aponoma. The green ornamentation. 

Amblyomma. Palpi long and slender and longer than basis caputuli. 

The is short and slender. Have rectangular basis capituli. Dermacentor.


Boophilus. Basis capituli is hexagonal. No festoons.

Rhipicephalus, have festoons.
Distinct anal groove.


Macaronyssidae. Have long chelicera.


Laelapidae. Corniculi well defined.



Scrub typus
Rikettsis tsutusgamusi


I need to find the pic for Odontacarus and whortonia



Sarcoptes scabie
cause scabies

House dust mites

TREMATODES PIC!! Source from other web site...for my review...

Fasciolopsis buski is 2x larger than the Fasciola hepatica

Fasciolopsis buski, human get infected with ingest the water plant contained the metacercarie.-It is an intestinal flukes

Fasciola hepatica- human get infected when ingested the watercress contaminated with metacercaria. It is a liver flukes.

Fasciolopsis buski egg

Picture: Fasciola hepatica egg.jpg

Fasciola hepatica

Fasciola hepatica

Fasciolopsis buski

Paragonimus westermani

Paragonimus westermani, the operculum at broader end

Clonorchis sinensis

The ova of Clonorchis sinensis


Taenia saginata, proglottids with lateral uterine branches more than 14 branches uterus.

Taenia solium. Less than 14 lateral uterine branches on one side. 

. It is a rat tapeworm. Hymenolepis diminuta. Have 4 sucker with no hook.

It is dwarf tapeworm. Hymenolepis nana. Have 4 suckers with rostellum an hook. How many layers??

Dwarf tapeworm 

Dog tapewarm. Diphylidium caninum. Egg packets.

Diphylidium caninum. The adult tapeworm.

Echinococcus ganulomatus

Metagonimus yokogawai

Various types of eggs.

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