Saturday, September 8, 2012


Adult Mansonia

1. Wing's scale: broad, asymmetric, salt and pepper apearance.

2. There are six species of Medically important Mansonia species in Malaysia: Mansonia annulata, Mansonia uniformis, Mansonia indiana, Mansonia annulifera, Mansonia bonnea and Mansonia dives.

Six species of Mansonia

Mansonia annulata, the lighter brown mosquito.

The hind leg at the femur part with 5 white strikes use to differentiate the Mansonia annulata and others 5 Mansonia species.

Mansonia annulata white 5 white strikes at the hind leg of femur part. 

Mansonia species that have 3 white strikes, Mansonia annulifera, Mansonia uniformis, M. indiana, M.bonneae, M. dives.

Light brown mosquito.

Thorax part of Mansonia annulifera, small and yellow color mosquito. 

Mansonia annulifera, white scales at the scutellum part. There are 4 rounded white sports on the thorax part.

Thorax part of Mansonia uniformis and M. indiana, both are brown color.

Mansonia uniformis, the greenish line or strips on the scutum.

Mansonia indiana, patch/no pattern at the thorax part.

Lateral view, thorax part of Mansonia indiana, the scale are broad and white color.

Drawing that describe the anatomy of the Mansonia indiana with broad white scale.

Lateral view, thorax part, Mansonia uniformis, narrow scale.

Drawing of Mansonia uniformis, the thorax part, narrow scales.

Mansonia bonnea, blackish color mosquito.

Description of Mansonia dives and Mansonia bonneae

Mansonia dives, broad or none white scale.

Mansonia dives, blackish color mosquito.

Description of Mansonia bonneae, thorax part.

Mansonia bonneae

Black color, Mansonia bonneae

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